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Case studies and testimonials

  • Wyoming Bank

    GFI LanGuard worked far better than the bank's existing patch management software, which worked in a piecemeal fashion.
    Travis Homi Read the full case study
  • Zaw

    To date we haven’t required any support as the software structures are very straightforward and intuitive and the software is easy to use.
    Robert Kasten Read the full case study
  • National Theatre

    GFI LanGuard proved to be the solution that the National Theatre was looking for in terms of cost, efficiency and effectiveness.
    Richard Bevan Read the full case study
  • Compania De Seguros La Chilena Consolidada

    GFI LanGuard does what it is supposed to do in a simple and efficient manner.
    Oscar Wilton Read the full case study
  • Youthline

    It almost instantly removed my network patching, software auditing and vulnerability assessment worries.
    Diane Burns
  • The Computer Clinic

    I would like to say that your product is beautiful.
    Joshua Rockwood
  • St Johns River Water Management District

    Kudos to GFI for yet another great product!
    Bryan L. Williams
  • Independent IT professional

    This product has been added to my A-team. You've made a customer out of me.
    Jeff Waite
  • CIW Foundations Exam Cram

    They have all been impressed with GFI products.
    Carol Miller