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Microsoft® Office Fax Plug-in - GFI FaxMaker Online

The Microsoft Office Plug-in enables you to send faxes directly from within Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook.

To use this plug-in simply create a document, for example using Microsoft Word, and then click File > Save and Send > Send as Internet Fax. Then enter the destination fax number or select a recipient from your contacts, and hit Send! You can use any of the cover page templates provided or even create your own.

Download and install the GFI FaxMaker Online Microsoft Office plug-in now to enable faxing from all your Microsoft Office applications.

Download now | 32-bit   Download now | 64-bit




How to install and set up in 5 easy steps

  • Step one

    Run installer and click Install. Once the installation is complete click Finish.

  • Step two

    Open a Word Document that you wish to send by fax.

  • Step three

    Go to File, Save and Send and choose Send as Internet Fax

  • Step four

    Select the recipients you wish to send the fax to.