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GFI has consolidated the subscription pricing structure for new and renewal purchases of GFI LanGuard, GFI Archiver, GFI MailEssentials, GFI FaxMaker.

GFI Unlimited pricing debuted in 2018. The consolidation of new and renewal subscription pricing means that GFI Unlimited may be lower for some products and product volume tiers. GFI is committed to the value proposition of GFI Unlimited for customers.

Billed Yearly    Billed Monthly

150 pages 1,800 pages 300 pages 3,600 pages 500 pages 6,000 pages 1,000 pages 12,000 pages 1,000+ pages 12,000+ pages
/ month
/ year
/ month
/ year
/ month
/ year
/ month
/ year
/ month
$0.085 / page $0.076 / page $0.080 / page $0.072 / page $0.078 / page $0.070 / page $0.077 / page $0.069 / page $0.070 / page  
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Free trial

Activation fee
$99.00 includes FREE fax number
One time charge
Number porting charges
Starting from $20.00 per fax number
Depending on country
Additional fax numbers
Starting from $2.50 per month 
Depending on country

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