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Case studies and testimonials

  • Environment Canterbury

    There were no problems with compatibility of any component.
    Alan Warne Read the full case study
  • Windsor Health Plan, Inc.

    left quoteProductivity gains through the packaging of supporting medical documentation into a single outbound response have been significant.right quote
    Barry Shermer Read the full case study
  • Bordeaux Tradition

    left quoteWe found GFI FaxMaker to be very user-friendly, just like a printer.right quote
    Frédéric Bernard
  • Panhandle State Bank

    left quoteWe have eliminated all but two physical fax machines and have saved countless dollars in reduced paper usage.right quote
    Robert Parsons
  • Casa de la Luz

    left quoteI wish the other systems I supported were as good as yours.right quote
    John Cohen
  • U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

    left quoteWithin two months of installing GFI FaxMaker we have seen an almost immediate ROI.right quote
    Jason Rivera
  • Divex Ltd.

    left quoteWe have found these products [GFI MailEssentials and GFI FaxMaker] essential to our core communications networkright quote
    Sarah Forbes
  • South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

    left quoteYour GFI FaxMaker on the other hand installed without a hitch, no tech support needed, just follow the bouncing ball.right quote
    John P. Hunter, P.E.
  • Internal Revenue Service

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker was a breeze to install and configure and we have had no problems with it at all.right quote
    Debbie Sexton
  • Ormond Stock Associates Ltd - Consulting Engineers

    left quoteThe most complete and comprehensive answer I have received from a support system anywhere, any time.right quote
    Ormond Stock
  • KazMax Ltd

    left quoteIt has proven to be easier to set up than other solutions and its integration with SMTP servers makes it real simple.right quote
    Andrew McKay MIAP
  • Biosphere 2 Center

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker has provided us with the solution we needed.right quote
    Joe Martinez
  • Vital Health Foods

    left quoteWe have been using GFI FaxMaker for a few years and this is a hassle-free and great product to use.right quote
    Robert van Endt
  • TED Commerciale srl

    left quoteIt is the first time we are installing a fax server product that works right away.right quote
    Ing. Paolo Bocci
  • Pinnacle Communications

    left quoteIt's refreshing to see outstanding products such as yours continue to improve, and yet remain affordable.right quote
    Dan West
  • Madison Europe

    left quoteWe have found GFI FaxMaker a joy to use. Setup was straight forward compared to competitive products.right quote
    Neil Pollicott
  • Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker allows our staff to be working rather than waiting around a fax machine.right quote
    William Thomas
  • Attorney At Law

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker provides truly seamless integration between email and faxing. GFI FaxMaker is easy to set up and configure.right quote
    Gordon E. R. Troy
  • Eastman & Smith Ltd.

    left quoteIt is the finest fax server software on the planet as far as I am concerned.right quote
    Michael D. Root
  • Hanson Pipe & Products

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker [...] has proven to be very stable and easy to administer.right quote
    Geof Kearns
  • PAA Services Inc.

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker was easy to install and gave our users greater control over their faxes.right quote
    Thomas Sworen
  • Chester Plastics

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker is an awesome product! Very simple to use and configure!right quote
    Steven Poole
  • Vandeputte International

    left quoteGreat product, intelligent, high performing and hassle free operation of both fax and SMS messaging.right quote
    Raf Penders
  • ACW Technology Ltd

    left quoteUsers can send and receive faxes through a familiar email interface wherever they are.right quote
    Bill Lupton
  • BDO Dunwoody

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker is very easy to learn and all of our users enjoy sending and receiving faxes from their computer.right quote
    Val Aldous
  • Pelican Insurance Agency

    left quoteGFI FaxMaker for Networks/SMTP is exactly the fax server solution our organization has been searching for.right quote
    Corey Ribner