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Enterprise-class phone system without enterprise complexity

With Kerio Operator make and receive calls on any device from anywhere.

Enterprise-class phone system for small and medium-sized businesses

Kerio Operator is a VoIP based phone system that provides powerful yet affordable enterprise-class voice and video communication capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses globally.

Business phone capabilities people love

Kerio Operator Softphone lets you make and receive voice and video calls, listen to voicemail, set up call forwarding, and check call history -- anytime, anywhere using only your computer.

Turn your iOS or Android based mobile phone into a virtual office phone with the Kerio Operator Softphone app. The app uses data instead of cellular minutes, so you can make calls from anywhere you are in the world. Because the app uses your business phone number and voice quality is crystal clear, it really is like having your office phone with you at all times.

Easy to administer

Deploy, configure and administer Kerio Operator in a flash through an easy-to-use web administration interface. Stay in control of all your Kerio Operator appliances through Kerio’s centralized web interface.

When it comes to ease of configuration, automatic phone provisioning and remote, tablet-friendly administration, Kerio Operator is second to none.

Uncompromised security

Phone system abuse can cost big money and go undetected until you get your bill. Not so with Kerio Operator. Its advanced security technologies keep telephone hackers out, prevent misuse and ensure the privacy of your users and those they call. Kerio Operator continually monitors for anomalous behavior, detects and prevents break-in attempts and supports call encryption.

Access it all

Access all the software you need to power your business, in one place for one flat fee.

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Live demo

View a live demo of the Kerio Operator softphone with voice and video calling from your computer and see how easy it is to say goodbye to your old-fashioned desk phone.

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More benefits

Call handling

Enterprise-class functionality including video calls, auto attendant, call queues, conference calling, call forwarding, parking, pickup, recording and more.

Serious cost savings

Kerio Operator makes financial sense. Walk away from your traditional phone service, expensive PBX and specialized phone technician -- and embrace Kerio Operator.

Flexible deployment

Kerio Operator works comfortably in your existing IT environment -- whatever your needs. Deploy as a software appliance, a virtual machine, or a performance-optimized hardware appliance.

Centralized management

Leverage the centralized web interface that provides consolidated system information, automatic configuration backup, status monitoring, system notifications and complete remote configuration.