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Exceptional quality of experience for critical applications.

Manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave on your network.

Guarantee the performance of strategic applications, contain and control recreational traffic, and diagnose and resolve network problems quickly.

Integrated analytics, intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like traffic shaping, bandwidth monitoring and WAN optimization in a single, easy to use solution.

Interactive analytics

View innovative dashboards to see network activities across all users, applications, devices, and locations. Analyze and inspect application traffic at layer 7 so you can troubleshoot issues quickly when they arise. Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network and applications.

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Recommendation engine

Our patent-pending recommendation engine studies patterns and changes in your network. It discovers potential problems before they occur and automatically makes suggestions to repair issues, adjust policies, and optimize network performance.

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Application acceleration

Make sure your applications always deliver a great user experience. On-premises, cloud and mobile applications all need to deliver reliable performance for your business to run smoothly. Exinda’s acceleration and caching capabilities guarantee business applications always perform at their best. Performance scores for your business critical applications provides a clear picture for how to accelerate or allocate bandwidth by user, group, time and location.

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More benefits

Troubleshoot problems faster

Real time monitoring provides immediate insight into how strategic applications are performing.

Ensure resources

Control bandwidth usage by network location, users and departmental groups with policy based shaping.

Report library

Choose from a library of purpose built reports designed to address the most important problems Network Managers face.

Hardware appliances

Ideal for geographically dispersed enterprises, hardware appliances provide a simple way to manage the behavior of users, traffic, devices, and applications on the network.