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Videos - GFI Archiver

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    GFI Archiver - Testimonial videos

  • Customer testimonial, Bridges Integrity Services LLP

    Duration: 2:37

    Bridges Integrity Services has been responsibly serving small and mediumsized enterprises, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and NonGovernmental Organisation since 1999 as a trusted and knowledgeable vendor that they can outsource all their IT needs to.

    How to find the product manual and user guide for GFI MailArchiver
  • Customer testimonial, Environment Canterbury

    Duration: 4:41

    Environment Canterbury is the regional council working with the people of Canterbury in New Zealand to manage the region's air, water and land. They are committed to the sustainable management of their environment while promoting the region's economic, social and cultural well-being. Environment Canterbury first started using the GFI Software products back in 2005.

    How to find the product manual and user guide for GFI MailArchiver

    GFI Archiver - Miscellaneous videos

  • Don’t worry, be happy

    Duration: 1:59

    Research suggests that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Read our report on the importance of happiness in the workplace and learn how the MailInsights reporting tools provide employers with a guide to understanding their workforce and improving their business.

  • GFI MailArchiver File Archive Assistant walkthrough

    Duration: 1:46

    The GFI MailArchiver File Archive Assistant enables automatic storage of important file and folder copies without user input or interrupting existing workflows.

  • GFI MailArchiver - Archive your business email and files in one central safe location

    Duration: 1:22

    Your business is flooded with data. Documents, spreadsheets, artwork, faxes, emails. You need a way to centrally store all of this safely but at the same time, easily accessible. That’s where GFI MailArchiver comes in

  • Using Office 365™ with GFI MailArchiver®

    Duration: 3:53

    GFI MailArchiver and Office 365 can work in harmony and improve your productivity and compliance. Check out this video and see what features GFI MailArchiver offers together with Office 365.

  • The value of email archiving in business intelligence

    Duration: 1:34

    Your email archive is a key source of business intelligence - learn more about how your email archiving solution can help you extract key, actionable information that can help you identify issues and make better business decisions.

  • What is email archiving? Why is it important?

    Duration: 2:48

    Learn how to manage your organization's email efficiently: Solve a wide range of IT issues by archiving email securely and making it easily accessible.

  • The PST file headache

    Duration: 3:07

    Email is the Internet's original killer app. But relying increasingly on PST files simply creates bigger problems for you down the line. This video presents you with a pain-free solution.