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Case studies and testimonials

  • Tavrida

    The implementation of GFI's products proved to be both time- and cost-effective.
    Igor Yashutin
  • Saratoga Hospital, NY

    GFI MailEssentials filtered our incoming spam and reduced the load on our systems.
    Gary Moon
  • Independent Software, Inc.

    GFI made it possible for me to wear one less hat and concentrate on [...] running my business.
    Eric Jansen
  • Teknofood

    GFI's MailEssentials does the job for us and on opening our mailboxes, all our email is sorted.
    Pablo Barbeiro
  • Extreme CCTV

    I am very happy to refer your product to any potential customer.
    John Zhang
  • Mid-Continent Instruments

    I can't begin to tell you how much time this product has saved me and our users.
    Tim VanScyoc
  • Star Robbins & Company

    I have literally wiped out unwanted mail from many users in our organization.
    Kevin Hays.
  • LCHA - Pryor Consulting

    What a fantastic product GFI MailEssentials is!
    Erik Pryor
  • Rhodes + Brito Architects Inc.

    This product is wonderful and stops 99% of the spam.
    Ruffin Rhodes
  • Wallich & Matthes

    We tried many other products but all of them failed in direct competition with these GFI products.
    Rastislav Živor
  • Kayye Consulting, Inc.

    GFI's products have helped make Exchange administration a breeze for our organization.
    Jody Thomas
  • MKO Partners Chartered Accountants

    It provides us with a very high level of protection.
    Timothy O'Reilly
  • SPOCE Project Management Ltd.

    We have monitored GFI MailEssentials and have found it to be very effective and accurate.
    Peter Inglis
  • DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.

    GFI's MailEssentials has proven itself so well that we no longer use the spam gateway.
    Alexander Martinez
  • Calvary Church of Naperville

    GFI MailEssentials has made that survivable!
    Mike Urso
  • Dives Ltd.

    GFI have provided us with this [reliability] together with high end support.
    Sarah Forbes
  • American Hakko Products, Inc.

    The support we have received from GFI when we did have technical questions was outstanding.
    Chris Stuber
  • CIW Foundations Exam Cram

    When delivering a class on Microsoft Exchange Server I like to use GFI MailEssentials.
    Carol Miller
  • Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook

    My hat's off to you for providing a quality, feature-rich, and easy-to-use product!
    William Thomas
  • NCS Technologies

    I would recommend this product to anyone.
    John Eldred
  • Castle Management

    Small businesses must give GFI a try. They can't afford to ignore the benefits
    Jerry Honeycutt
  • The Richmond Information Group, Ltd.

    Right out of the box, it was what we needed.
    Stephen White
  • IDG Development Holdings, LLC

    Thank you for such a great product and keep up the good work in fighting the spammers!
    April Crabtree
  • Wacom Technology

    All I have to say is "Wow and thanks!" for saving hundreds of hours due to unwanted spam!
    Paul Stone
  • Pacific Medical Group

    Our customers are thrilled to have their mailboxes back again.
    Tim Fitzgerald
  • Image Information, Inc.

    We've tried so many, and GFI MailEssentials outperforms them all.
    Rich Petersen
  • Encore Technical Solutions Ltd

    GFI MailEssentials has solved our spam problem.
    Malc Seaman
  • Australian Membrane Biological Institue

    GFI MailEssentials absolutely took care of the ever growing spam problem.
    Richard Roth
  • Continental Technologies Inc.

    I haven't had a single complaint about it yet
    Charles J. Hammett Jr.
  • Progressive Strategies, Inc.

    GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP has more than met our needs.
    Barry Cohen
  • Admiral Building Products

    I have made lots of friends within our company thanks to GFI.
    Bill Honzik
  • Heritage Insurance Group, Inc.

    They appreciate the program and so do I.
    Tom Shelton
  • RJM Consulting

    Kudos to your folks who wrote GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP.
    Richard Muniz
  • Silanis Technology Inc.

    Tried it, loved it, bought it.
    Jad Mouracada
  • The PGE Group

    I downloaded GFI MailEssentials - installed it, configured it and I could not be happier.
    Matthew Terova
  • Mara-Mi, Inc.

    I would highly recommend GFI for Exchange/SMTP servers.
    Randall Wicks
  • Associate Inter-Quest

    The install was a breeze, and so far it has caught every spam message, and blocked 0 messages!
    Bob Reinke
  • T.I.C. Travel Insurance Coordinators

    GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP is extremely effective at eliminating our spam.
    Howie Amberg
  • Crestline Computer Solutions Inc.

    It is a great product.
    Neil Dyke
  • Tayburn Ltd

    What else can I say: Great product, price and fantastic support.
    Richard Mason
  • Sysnet Ltd

    GFI products have made our job easier and our network more secure. Many thanks!
    Trevor Cushen CISSP CISM
  • VehiCare Corp

    I'll consider other GFI products in the future since I have had success with GFI MailEssentials.
    Steven Moore
  • Drossa Fine Foods B.V.

    GFI MailEssentials is doing what I want, not what the program wants.
    N.K. Aridjis
  • Dixie Iron Works, Ltd

    GFI MailEssentials protects us from spam every day and it is awesome!
    Charlie Wiley
  • Gadsby Hannah LLP

    Thanks for making such a great product.
    Carol Bronson
  • Century Foods International

    The support you have provided has been excellent, and your firm should consider it to be viewed truly as "an industry standard".
    Dave Spencer
  • ENZAFOODS New Zealand Limited

    Just thought I would drop you a line to say how much we have appreciated GFI MailEssentials.
    Ian Purdon