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How to install GFI FaxMaker in SMTP mode

Applies to:
  • GFI FaxMaker 2014 and older

There are two installation options for GFI FaxMaker: "SMTP mode" and "Active Directory Mode."  At times, even in a domain environment, it may be desired to install GFI FaxMaker in "SMTP mode", so the email addresses and contact information of users can be added directly into the GFI FaxMaker configuration.

To install GFI FaxMaker in SMTP mode, it is necessary to logon to the GFI FaxMaker intended install machine with a local administrator account.  While logged in with a local administrator, run the installation file of GFI FaxMaker and supply local administrator credentials (typically, format is: .\administrator; "." relates to the local machine name).

Note:  The SMTP install mode is not available if GFI FaxMaker is being installed on a Domain Controller

For an Active Directory install mode, it is necessary that a user logs into the GFI FaxMaker intended install machine with a domain adminstrator account.  While logged in with a domain administrator, run the installation files of GFI FaxMaker and supply domain administrator credentials (typically, format is: domain\administrator).  It is also necessary that the machine can communicate with the Domain Controller at the time of install.

Note: In GFI FaxMaker 2015, SMTP mode is replaced with GFI Directory service. More information can be found here

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